Extra Long Staple Cotton

Looks better, feels better, lasts longer

Not All Cotton Is Created Equal

Cotton is categorized by fiber length (or “staple”), the fine individual strands that make up a raw piece of cotton. Some cotton species have shorter fibers. Others have longer fibers. Some even have extra-long fibers.

We want to make a T-Shirt that looks great and will last forever, so we chose the best. All our T-Shirts are made from the highest grade cotton available, 100% extra long staple cotton.

Carlos Vilaca / Head Of Product


From The Fields Of California

All of our cotton is sourced from the same place, California, USA. The unique climate of the sourthern regions of California makes for an ideal environment for cotton production.


100% Extra Long Staple Supima Cotton

All our cotton fabric is made from Extra Long Staple Supima fibers with an average staple length of 37mm or above ranking it as some of the finest in the world.

A Supremely Soft T-Shirt…

The uniform cotton fibers make for a smooth and even fabric that has an incredbly soft handfeel that will last through the whole lifetime of the T-Shirt.

..That Keeps Its shape
and Deep Color

Pilling is the small balls of fibre that can become visible after a garment has been washed several times.

The longer the cotton fibres, the less pilling will occur, and also ensures the T-Shirt stays in shape, even after several washes


2 Perfect Fabric Weights, Medium and Heavy


Medium Weight

Light enough to be worn under a shirt but still thick enough to be the ideal all-round T-Shirt.

You won’t find a smoother or softer T-Shirt anywhere else.


Heavy Weight

This weight is perfect for people who like their T-Shirts a little on the sturdy side.

The heavy construction gives a smooth drape and a durable feel to the T-Shirt.

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Extra Long Staple Cotton

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