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The Highest Quality Cotton

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Extra Long Staple Cotton

Staple length refers to the average length of a group of cotton fibers.
The longer the fiber, the stronger the yarn, which means less tearing over time and softness that lasts.

What this means for your T-Shirt

Less Pilling

Pilling is the small balls of fibre that can become
visible after a garment has been washed
several times.

The longer the cotton fibres, the less pilling will
occur, making it look new and fresh, for longer.

Ethically Sourced

We consider numerous factors when sourcing our cotton.
How and where is it farmed? How strong are the fibers?
How well do the cotton fibers retain color?

The higher the quality of the cotton, the longer it will feel and look new.
By increasing the lifespan of our clothing, we reduce waste
and use the resources in a way that is more sustainable for our planet.

We Carry 2 Cotton Fabric Weights

Some like a T-Shirt with a light feel, others like a shirt with a bit more weight to it.
It all comes down to personal taste, and whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered.

Medium Weight

Light enough to be worn under a shirt but still thick enough to be the ideal all-around T-Shirt.
You won’t find a smoother or softer T-Shirt anywhere else.

100% Supima Cotton. 150 g/m2
Slight transparency on white only
Weight Feel:
A lighter fabric, perfect for the warmer months or under a shirt

Heavy Weight

This weight is perfect for people that like their T-Shirts a little on the sturdy side.
The heavy construction gives a smooth drape and a durable feel to the T-Shirt

100% Supima Cotton. 200 g/m2
All colors are solid with no transparency
Weight Feel:
The thick fabric gives a smooth drape and sturdy feel.
Perfect on its own or for extra insulation as a layer.

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