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We’ve surveyed 1,000 women on how they perceive their male counterparts according to their outfit. Are you aware of what you are emanating?

A few of our key findings:

Overall, it’s clear. What you wear is important. But how it fits is way more important than the outfit itself. If you’re wearing a $200 designer T-shirt that doesn't sit right on your body, for example, you would have been much better off with the decent-fitting $20 option.

What is the most important factor in a man's outfit?

Most women care much more about the way your clothes fit you than the brand, designer, or color combinations. The most important factor, however, is that you show up in clean and ironed clothing—56% of women put this as the most important factor—followed closely by the fit and form of your clothing, which 46% of women put as the second most important factor.

Brand and designer ranked lowest of all factors—a whopping 81% of the surveyed women put these as the least-important factors.

Most women are not exactly satisfied with the fit of their partner’s T-shirts. Our survey showed that 64% of women did not think their partners’ T-shirts fit them well.

Strangely, in the population of single women this amount is slightly higher—71% think their previous partners’ T-shirts did not fit them. Maybe bad memories influenced this a bit…?

It is estimated that over 2 billion T-shirts are sold every year. If only 46% of T-shirts fit correctly, that means 920 million ill-fitting T-shirts are sold every year.

What should you wear on a date?

Just like the professional world is moving towards more casual attire, it seems the dating world is also following this trend. We asked women which outfit they would prefer their date to be wearing on a date and got some interesting data.

In general 94% of all women would like their date to show up in a T-shirt.

Surprisingly, there was a very strong dislike of a date showing up in a suit (favoured by only 5%) or tuxedo (1%).

Given the results of a study on the perception of color, we’d advise you to go with either blue or black for the perfect date outfit. It’s the safest choice—66% of women like it when their men wear black, 48% like it when their man wears blue, according to this study.

What do your clothes say about you?

We also asked the women we surveyed to rank four different outfits on five different parameters such as how intelligent, arrogant, or sexually experienced they perceived our models to be in these outfits. They were asked to rate each model on a scale from 1 to 10.

Dress up if you want to look like you're sexually experienced but don't go overboard. A T-shirt and blazer combination will make you seem like you're a god in the sheets—the perfect mix between bad boy and nice guy. The T-shirt and blazer combination ranked the highest in terms of perceived sexual experience, with an average score of 7,25.

Want to signal that you’re a good husband? Apparently you'd better suit up. Men in suits scored 6,55 on a scale from 1 to 10, significantly higher than their T-shirt-wearing counterparts, who only scored 4,86.

Do you want to be perceived as intelligent? Go for the suit or the tuxedo. You will be perceived to be significantly more intelligent (6,6 score) than your T-shirt-wearing friends (4,7 score).

Being perceived as arrogant is usually not a desirable trait. Our survey showed that men in T-shirts are perceived as significantly less arrogant (4,6 score) than men in tuxedos, who scored 6,8. Suits and a jeans and a blazer combination rank in between.

How should it fit?

At Son of a Tailor, we create 100% tailormade T-shirts for our customers. Thus we thought it would be great to have some data we can use to guide our customers towards their perfect T-shirt. We asked the surveyed women how they perceived our models according to how their T-shirt was fitting: slim, regular, or loose. The results show that this has a significant impact on how you are perceived.

The slim-fitting T-shirt definitely exudes the most sexual energy. Compared to the loose “Kanye style,” the slim T-shirt better fit the “sexual experience” category. The score of the slim fit (7,4) is almost double that of the loose T-shirt (4,2). It seems that sexual experience is explicitly linked to arrogance—here, the slim fit scores 7,4 while the loose fit scores 3,9.

Sexuality and arrogance are hard to separate from each other, a finding that was also present in the perception of color study and in the next section of this study, where we look at V-neck vs. O-neck. It could seem like society is still stuck believing the old dogma that beauty and brains do not go together.

The regular-fit T-shirt placed first in two categories: the fit exuding the most husband-like quality and the most intelligence. Again, the loose fit takes the bottom spot here. In terms of intelligence, regular fit scored 6,3, while loose scored 4,8. The pattern is almost the same for husband-like quality.

So what about the loose fit? Our data say “Don’t go for it!” The loose-fit model ranks lowest in all categories. Still, looking at people like Kanye West and the like suggests it might still be a sensible choice in some situations. Just make sure you know what you’re doing—more often than not, it’s not the safe choice!

Which neck style to choose?

V-neck is the classic Italo style. Showing off a bit of chest hair exudes sexual energy and seems to have a way with women.

Our data also show this: the V-neck is ranked higher than the O-neck throughout most of our segments, apart from the 30-60 age group, which thought the O-neck exudes more sexual experience.

Like with the fit data, it is also evident that arrogance and sexuality are connected. V-necks take first place in these two parameters, while the O-neck is again the winner in the intelligence and husband parameters.

So what should you wear?

As our research proved what you should wear depends which vibes you'd like to give off. Take a look below and see which personality type fits you the most...

The seducer

The husband

The intellectual