100% Merino Wool

The Magical Properties Of Wool

We have taken all the best qualities from your favorite merino wool sweater and twisted and turned them into what we believe is the perfect year-round T-Shirt.

And if you're thinking about those itchy wool sweaters from your childhood - this is definitely not it. This is superfine, soft wool that will feel and look great all year round.

Carlos Vilaca / Head Of Product


From the fields of Australia

We source all of our merino wool from farms in Australia where the sheep are nurtured on a healthy diet of grass, water, fresh air and sunshine.

The result? An insanely comfortable, light and custom-fitted T-Shirt in 100% merino wool.


Superfine Merino Quality

The recipe for the softness of merino wool lies in its extraordinarily fine fibers.

We use merino wool of 17.5 microns – also known as “Superfine” in the industry.

In short, it’s the best out there.

Keeps You Warm In The Winter...

Wool is an active fiber that insulates heat through tiny air pockets in the garment helping you keep warm but not feel hot or sweaty.

No technology required – just a touch of nature.

...And Cool In The Summer

When your body temperature rises, the wool fibers wick sweat away from your skin and moves it to the garment’s surface where it evaporates and keeps you dry. Sort of like your personal air conditioning unit.


Natural Shine

The luxurious look of merino wool comes from the process of removing the scale structure of the merino fiber, which gives each fiber a smooth and soft surface.

This causes the light to reflect off the smooth surface, and gives the fiber gloss and a subtle luster.



At 135 g/m2 this is our lightest T-Shirt yet.

If wool makes you think of heavy, itchy sweaters, this is not it. Our wool wears soft and light with an almost weightless feel to it.

No Itch

The thinness of the fibers means merino wool bends far more than coarser wool fibers and eliminates any itchy qualities.

Machine Washable

Our wool is treated with Total Easy Care (aka. TEC) technology which entails an oxidative pre-treatment of the fabric. This means you can wash your wool T-Shirt along with your regular clothes. We recommend washing at 40C (Warm).

No Smell

This T-Shirt is perfect for active wear. Merino wool is highly breathable and excellent at absorbing moisture. Its fibers wick sweat away from your skin and move it to the garment’s surface where moisture evaporates and keeps you dry and odorless.

Enviromentally Responsible

Wool is a natural, biodegradable and renewable fiber. The merino sheep that provide our wool have not been exposed to mulesing. It is as gentle to the planet as it is to the skin.

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