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T-Shirts made to your exact measurements, made from the highest quality materials in the world and produced responsibly in Europe.


100% Custom Fitted

Each T-Shirt is made to exact
measurements of every customer

How It Works

Highest Quality

Made from the highest quality
materials in the world

Our Cotton Our Wool

Responsibly Made

All T-Shirts are made to order.
All production is done within the EU.

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Sleeve Up

Long sleeve cotton T-Shirts for colder days

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Merino Wool

An all year T-Shirt made from soft merino wool

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The perfect gift sent directly to your doorstep

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Son of a Tailor Notes / 001

Not Industry Standard

These days, it seems everyone in fashion is asking
"How do we make things faster and cheaper?"

We ask a slightly different question...

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Perfect Fit Guarantee

If for any reason you are less than a 100% satisfied with your T-Shirt, let us know and we'll make you a new one, no questions asked

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About Us

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The brilliant thing about Son of a Tailor is that you can simply re-order your specially tailored fit again whenever you need - and trust us, after you've given your first one a go, you will.