Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Son of a Tailor?

At Son of a Tailor we do things differently. As the first company in the world we create T-Shirts made to our customers' individual measurements, one at a time. All of our T-Shirts are made in Europe and working conditions are met according to the highest standards.

How can I check the status of my T-Shirt order

You can login into your profile page and check the status of your T-Shirt here. You are of course also more than welcome to contact us for details.

What does 100% custom fitted/made to measure mean?

This means that no two Son of a Tailor customers will ever get the same T-Shirt. We make every T-Shirt specifically to each of our customers. This is possible either by measuring your body, measuring your favorite T-Shirt, or by using our smart Ideal Size™ algorithm to calculate your measurements.

Can I trust the Ideal Size™ algorithm results?

Yes you can. The Ideal Size™ algorithm uses well established machine learning techniques to calculate your body measurements. Our algorithm is based on measurements from over 10.000 people from all over the world. From the 5 questions we ask, we are able to determine your body measurements with a 95% accuracy. Should you be be so unfortunate that the T-Shirt does not fit perfectly, we will make you a new one free of charge.

How does your perfect fit guarantee work?

Should the unfortunate occur that the T-Shirt does not meet your specifications or expectations, simply let us know and we will make you a new T-Shirt free of charge. Write us at and we will take care of you.

Do you really offer free worldwide shipping?

Yes. We offer low cost express shipping to every corner of the earth, and it is the same price no matter how big or small the package is.

Yes. We offer free express shipping to every corner of the earth, and it is free no matter how big or small the package is.

How do I reorder a T-Shirt?

You can reorder from your profile page here. If you want to order the exact same T-Shirt simply press “reorder” and the T-Shirt will be added to your basket. If you want to make changes before you buy press “modify & reorder” and make changes to either the measurements or styling of the T-Shirt.

How do I contact you guys?

You can always contact us with any questions via our webchat on our site, or by writing us at

How long does it take from order to delivery?

14 to 21 days. All T-Shirts created at Son of a Tailor are unique items. Our tailors hand cut, sew, and tailor your shirt exclusively to your preferences. One shirt at a time. No T-Shirts are produced from pre-cut patterns.

What is the difference between the Medium and Heavy fabrics?

The Medium is made from 150g/m2 jersey 100% Extra Long Stapled Cotton. It has a breathable and soft body feel due to the lighter knitting and quality of materials. The Heavy is a 200g/m2 jersey 100% Extra Long Stapled Cotton.

Is it necessary to compensate for shrinkage when writing my measurements?

No, we will add the necessary shrinkage percentage to the pattern so it shrinks to the correct size after a couple of washes.

How should I wash my tshirt?

For a long life, wash at 40C with similar colors. Do not tumble dry.

Where is it produced?

The cotton fiber is produced in the US, then turned into yarn in Switzerland and finally the jersey is produced in Portugal. The Merino wool is from selected producers from Australia Our T-Shirts are developed and manufactured in Portugal, Poland and Lithuania.