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Made to Order means we can eliminate overproduction for the planet, ensure great working conditions for clothing industry employees with a traceable supply chain, and of course, offer perfect fit for you.

The problem is overproduction

The clothing industry is currently making more products than the world is asking for. In its essence, it’s a simple case of supply outstripping demand.

Our solution is Made To Order.

We flipped clothing’s supply chain: You order it, we make it. Nothing more, nothing less. Supply equals demand. Zero overproduction.

We know the Why.
We built the How.

When it comes to the clothing industry’s sustainability crisis, there’s no question about why we need to act. The challenge is how.

So we applied an engineering mindset to the clothing industry in order to build:

Elastic supply chain

Elastic supply chain

A supply chain for made-to-order production that is just as efficient as mass production.

Perfect-fit algorithm

Perfect-fit algorithm

An algorithm that uses thousands of data points to size customers with over 95% accuracy.

Production Technology

Production Technology

Our own unique Size-to-Cut technology that translates algorithm data into cutting patterns.

We have standards.
Not standard sizes.

Unless you order it, we don't make it. Our made-to-order solution achieves zero inventory waste, ensures traceable conditions throughout the whole chain, and means you get garments perfectly fitted to you and only you.

The Son of a Tailor Team

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