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Custom Fitted, Made To Order

We do things a little different

Instead of massproduced standard sizes, we make a unique size for every order and customer.
The T-Shirt can be fitted, loose or somewhere in between depending on your preference.

Buying clothes shouldn’t feel like a chore and it shouldn’t be difficult.
We aim to make the sizing and ordering process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Here’s how it works:

Design Your T-Shirt

Customize the material, color, neckline and sleeves to
create the T-Shirt of your dreams.

Create Your Personal Size

Answer 4 questions and let our Ideal Size Algorithm
calculate your perfect size.

You also have the option of measuring your favourite T-Shirt
or using your body measurements to create your custom size.

That’s it, your job is done and this is where we start
the construction of your T-Shirt in your custom size.

We Laser Cut Your Unique Pattern...

...And Meticulously Construct Your T-Shirt

Free Shipping Worldwide

We'll ship your finished T-Shirt straight to
your door for free, no matter where you live in the world.

Perfect Fit Guarantee

All of our T-Shirts are covered by our Perfect Fit Guarantee,
meaning if you for whatever reason are not satisfied with the fit of
your T-Shirt, we’ll make you a new one, no questions asked.

Want to know more about how
our T-Shirts are made?

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