How Our T-Shirts Are Made


Proudly Made In The EU

All of our T-Shirts are exclusively made in the EU to ensure good working standards, high skill level and fair wages.

We have a close and trusted relationship with all of our suppliers and we work towards a common goal of heightening the standards of modern clothing production.

Knitting machine at our fabric supplier in Braga, Portugal

Knitting The Fabric

Over a thousand needles work together in unison to transform the cones of string into a uniform roll of fabric.

Settings such as tension and density of the fabric is controlled and experimented with at this stage to produce a smooth and durable knitted fabric.

Finished rolls of white cotton fabric ready to be shipped to our production facility

Automated T-Shirt Pattern Cutting

The individual T-Shirt patterns are generated automatically and placed like a puzzle in a file optimising the placement of every piece to minimize waste.

The patterns are cut with lazer for optimal precision and speed, and bundled in individual “packages” and forwarded to the sewing department to be constructed.

The machine that lays and prepares the fabric to be cut into the individual T-Shirt patterns

Constructing The T-Shirt

This is where the T-Shirt starts to take shape.

Each T-Shirt is carefully sewn together using tried and tested techniques.

In contrary to most mass produced T-Shirts where each part of the T-Shirt is assembled by a different person, our T-Shirts are constructed by the same person from start to finish.

Scene from our sewing department where the construction of our T-Shirts is done

Finishing Quality Check

The T-Shirt is given a final check to ensure the measurements are as specified by the customer.

The T-Shirt is also checked for construction errors or other irregularities.

The garment is given a quick ironing and packaged carefully before being shipped.

Shipped Worldwide

The T-Shirts are shipped worldwide using Express Shipping.

They are delivered straight to the preferred address of the customer
and are fully traceable.

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